9780190623821Prevention Diaries
reveals the unexpected (yet foreseeable) parts of daily life that shape our health. Health happens in our communities and homes, not just at a doctor’s office, and many illnesses and injuries are preventable through commonsense solutions – saving lives and reducing suffering and burden on families, communities, and taxpayers.

Authored by Larry Cohen, Founder and Executive Director of Prevention Institute,  Prevention Diaries outlines why prevention is the solution to many social challenges, and what we can do to advance prevention. Topics include violence, the food system, healthcare, injuries, health equity, and the built environment.

Prevention Diaries is essential reading for newcomers to public health and students of health and related fields; as a tool for health leaders and a guide for practitioners to find solutions that connect health and equity; and an accessible read for anyone interested in health and community.

All royalties will go to the Beverly Coleman-Miller Fellowship at Prevention Institute to support emerging leadership and scholarship in Beverly’s mission of prevention and equity.

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